Welcome to Sheldon Law, a boutique real estate, wills + estates and business law practise in the heart of Guelph, Ontario.  Sheldon Law strives to defy convention; to take a new approach to old ways.  The practice has three core beliefs: legal services must be affordable; legal services must address your needs; and, legal services must revolve around your schedule.  This is why Sheldon Law offers ethical pricing through fixed fees, house calls to maximize your comfort and evening and weekend appointments to accommodate you.  Recognizing that you come first; this is how Sheldon law defies convention.


Bloated, backwards, billable-hour firms serve lawyers first and clients second. The new wave of law firms is putting those priorities back in the right order, and that’s why they’re poised to succeed.

Jordon Furlong, Law Twenty One


House Calls

A house call provides a fuller picture of what you hold as important. It also creates a stronger bond between you and your solicitor that results in a better result.  Your appointment can be at your home or your place of business, in the hospital, or you can come to the office.

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Evening + Weekend Appointments

An evening or weekend appointment makes for minimal disruptions to your day-to-day life.  Accommodating your schedule, putting you first, shows an understanding that you have real obligations.  Book an appointment that is convenient for you without having to take time off work or hire babysitters.

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Fixed Fees

A fixed fee arrangement is an alternative to the standard hourly rate used by most solicitors; it is an ethical approach to pricing legal services. With a fixed price for each stage of legal work, fees are not dictated by the time spent - no ticking clock! 


Sheldon Law deals primarily with real estate, wills + estates, and business law, but is also experienced with mediation and education law.

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The Practice

Sheldon Law strives to defy convention and go beyond the status quo; to disrupt the 19th century approach used by most firms and provide 21st century Real Estate, Wills + Estates and Business legal services by being lean, technology driven, and cost conscious. This approach allows Sheldon Law to offer ethical pricing through fixed fees, house calls to maximize your comfort and evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your schedule.


A Five Star Service

In a world of increasing time pressures and an abundance of lawyers, finding the right fit, trusting the right lawyer, can make all the difference.